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Blog: April 2024 - Jesus Christ is Risen Today – Alleluia!

This most well-known of Easter hymns I’m expecting to sing 3 times on Easter Sunday.  It’s a wonderful statement of the truth that we believe.  That God raised Jesus from the dead on that first Easter Day giving us hope, joy, a sure promise of eternal life beyond this short earthly existence by faith in Jesus.  And therefore a deep profound peace in this life despite what we face in this life - even death itself.


Jesus is the wonderful Name that means ‘Saviour’ – Jesus who saves us from the inevitability of sin and death.


Christ – the long promised chosen Messiah is Jesus – God come down among us in human form.


Is the constant present, meaning something that happened 2,000 years ago is still vital to us now and will be for ever.


Risen says Jesus was not just resuscitated after being briefly clinically dead.  He was dead in the tomb for three days after a horrific death on the cross.  God raised Him gloriously from the dead – an innocent victim, killed unjustly - cheating the old enemy of sin and death.


Today so that it can be sung and remind us every day of our lives.  We seem only to sing this hymn on Easter day, but we can sing it anytime because it’s always true and always will be.


Alleluia is a great shout of praise to God.  It’s a word we don’t use through the long 40 days of Lent, but during the 6 weeks of the Easter season we say it, sing it, read it, repeat it and shout it!


I was brought up celebrating the joys and hope of Easter, and it gradually became real and true to me.  The fact of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead gives me joy, hope and peace in my faith, whatever I feel, wherever I am and whatever I’m doing.


As I go off for my Extended Study Leave until the end of June, I’m looking forward to slowing down to think, read and ponder more of what this means for me, those around me, our 5 churches and our message of Good News to a needy and troubled world.


I pray that for you too this Easter you may know in a deeper way that Jesus Christ is Risen Today.  And that you can truly praise Him – Alleluia!

Timothy Wilson

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