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Blog: May 2024 - Preparation "To Get Ready"

At last, it looks like spring has sprung.  The blossom is blooming and the sun is shining, or at least some of the time.  It can be at this time of year that our thoughts turn to preparation for holidays and for special occasions.  We give a great deal of time and thought to our preparations, have we got everything and is everything in place by the set date?


Christians, having prepared through Lent, see all the preparations come to fulfilment when Easter day is celebrated and the cry goes up “Alleluia Christ is risen – He is risen in deed Alleluia”, giving glory to Jesus Christ for his death and resurrection.


Jesus spent 3 years preparing for the rest of our lives.  Jesus also sent us a message for all Christians to prepare for his return.  But there is a dilemma (Matthew 24: 36) no one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels, nor the Son of Man, but only the Father.


So how do we prepare (get ready) for something when we don’t know when it’s going to happen?  I am sure most of you have a ‘just in case’ drawer or even a shed full!  Some of us might have a store cupboard of provisions, ‘just in case’.  It can us give a sense of comfort that we are prepared for the ‘just in case.’


I and many others live and prepare in the expectant hope of Jesus Christ return by reading the Bible regularly, praying daily or by going to worship.  Taking time to prepare not ‘just in case’, but for the promise of God whose promises come true, we just don’t know when the glory of God will be revealed.


As written in the last book of the Bible the book of Revelation (chapter 22:21)

He who testifies to these things says Yes, I am coming soon, Amen.


“Alleluia Christ is risen – He is risen in deed Alleluia”.

Geraldine Skinner

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