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Blog: March 2023 - Lent

Lent – the old English word for ‘Spring’ when the days begin to ‘LENgthen’ with signs of new life and hope springing up around us.

Lent is also a time for new starts in our own lives. A time for new resolutions – a far better time than New Year! – and traditionally denying yourself something in order to take up something. And may maybe this won’t just be for the 40 days of Lent but maybe a more permanent change.

At our 5 Churches, we have 4 specific challenges that we are encouraging people to consider:

  1. Lent Groups either online on Wednesday evenings 7:30-9pm or in person on Thursday lunchtimes at the Chequers Pub in Keysoe 12:15-2pm beginning with lunch. The theme is ‘Generous God – generous people’. Please do join us – more details on our website.

  2. Short personal readings for the 40 days of Lent using the Church of England ‘Dust & Glory’ booklets again also online via the Church of England website.

  3. Weekday morning prayer in 4 of our churches from 9:15-9:45am. Rev Anthony and/or I will be at Keysoe Mondays, Wilden Tuesdays, Ravensden Wednesdays, Colmworth Thursdays. Again, do join us!

  4. Our Giving Campaign. As costs soar - and we all are affected by the cost-of-living crisis - this is a real challenge as the church relies totally on the freewill giving and generosity of individual people. All our members are receiving a letter, a leaflet about our financial needs and response form.

But above all, Lent is a time to remember that our generous God gave His Son Jesus into this troubled fallen world to teach us what is best for us, to show us the way and to give Himself for us even to death on the cross. But God raised Jesus to life again on that first Easter Day that we celebrate next month! Jesus took out 40 days to think about his life and ministry and all that God had for Him, which is why the annual 40 days of Lent are such a special and important time for us as well.

We continue to live in very challenging times with much suffering and need in the world around us both across the whole world and in our own communities amongst our families, friends and neighbours. God so often calls and challenges us to look beyond ourselves as to how we can respond in some way, and it’s harder but especially important to respond in challenging and tough times.

Please make and take some time to stop and think, to read, pray, meet with others as to how you as an individual and along with others can make changes maybe this Lent. And who knows these might be lasting and, in some way, together we can all make a big change in God’s world.

We have a generous God who calls us to be a generous people.

Timothy Wilson

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