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Blog: June 2022 - Seasons of Life

What a joy it has been for us to get back into our churches and worship

God once again with singing, word and sacrament, to experience fellowship

alongside one another. As churches slowly emerge from the "winter" of the

pandemic, it is as if we are entering a new season, a season of opportunity and


I have come to realise through my own experiences that our lives are a

series of changing seasons. There are seasons when life is good and fulfilling and

other times when there is heartache and pain. I felt sadness when I lost my late

wife Diane after 42 years of marriage, but then I experienced a new season of joy

and happiness when I met and married Sarah. As the theme of our wedding day

Sarah and I chose the following Bible reading "See! The winter is past; the rains

are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come."

(Song of Songs 2:11,12).

Whilst the changing seasons of life set before us challenges to adapt, they

also give us new opportunities and experiences. In short you never know what the

future may bring and that is why in such times we need to continue trusting in God.

In many ways our Benefices are entering a new season. The pandemic inevitably

closed down several new initiatives we had started in our churches but now we are

starting afresh. It is an exciting new season that we are embarking on.

In July we are looking forward to welcoming our new Curate Rev Anthony Davis,

and I am sure that he will not only be a blessing to the Benefices, but you as the

people of our five parishes will also be a blessing to him.

Over the past 8 years Sarah and I have loved our time supporting the

ministry amongst you. It began with the interregnums that followed the retirement

of Rev Sheila Morton in 2014 and again in 2018 when Rev Madeleine left. When

Rev Tim Wilson arrived we pledged oursleves to work alongside him for 2 years,

which has turned out to be 4 years due to the pandemic.

It has been a privilege and joy to work alongside Rev Tim and Lay Minister

Geraldine, but now with the arrival of Anthony as Curate to join the team and my

approaching 75th birthday, Sarah and I feel that our season of ministry in the

Benefice has come to a natural close now that you have a Vicar, Curate and Lay

Minister in post, and we feel it is right that we return to worshipping in and around

our local community of Eaton Socon.

Changing seasons bring joy and heartache and whilst we will miss you all,

we are excited for you that this new season of ministry within the Benefices will

bring new initiatives, new blessings and new growth.

With our love, Rev David & Sarah (Miller).

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